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We love what we do

Santa Fe R&R offers many services including, new building construction, home remodel, drywall, flooring, stucco, interior plaster, concrete, and framing. No project is ever to big or to small. 

The #1 trustworthy source for restoration and remodel

Our work speaks for itself serving Santa Fe New Mexico and surrounding areas for over decades. Having our clientele satisfied has been our inspiration to continue doing what we love, not only by providing quality work but by also building trust through our professionalism and integrity. 

Alejo Madrid

Alejo Madrid has worked in construction for 25+ years. His admired, and very well known in El Dorado and its surrounding areas. In construction the reputation of a contractor spreads by word of mouth and his great attention to detail, and exceeding work ethic is what's kept him in business for so long. 

Carlos Madrid

Carlos Madrid, is the founder of Santa Fe Renovation and Remodel llc. He has worked in the construction industry over 10+ years. Over the time he has acquired a set of skills, in which he uses to ensure that work is done according to code and overall customer quality. His attention to detail and commitment to owner satisfaction have been integral to his success in the construction business.

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